Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Subprime Losses Reported By Barclay Bank & Credit Suisse

Today's trading session saw equity markets take a knock after Barclay's Bank and Credit Suisse reported losses running into billions of dollars due to exposure in U.S. subprime mortgage markets and credit instruments. Already weak equities were unable to absorb this one more piece of bad news from financial giants. Equities also have started factoring high food, energy, and commodity prices and thankfully they are doing it at this time. Currency markets too saw volatile movements with some Asian currencies weakning against the U.S. dollar, hence more pressure on those stock markets. U.S.Dow Jones too ended weak after opening strong in yesterday's trading session due to factors mentioned above. Commodities it seems are the only asset class that is seeing huge buying interest from various sections of innvestors and hence continued firm prices. Crude Oil is trading very close to 100 dollar mark and all will be watching this with great interest. However, central banks in Asian countries must be a worried lot as they have to counter balance effect of aggressive rate cuts by U.S.fed as well to control already rising inflation. China reported fastest rise in inflation after worst snowfall in that country and thus it's authorities will take some measures to cool down it's fast growing economy. Going forward equities will continue to test investors patience and will be very volatile.