Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crude Oil Now Trading At U.S.$98 Per Barrel

So now what options does U.S. Fed have after seeing Crude oil trading at U.S.$98 per barrel, past history says he will ignore this cue as his fixation with subprime mess and subsequently on credit markets is still on. But for how long U.S. fed and other central banks can afford to show relax attitude towards this scarce commodity, well if one goes by conventional wisdom following past decisions by them, then only thing they will do is to print more and more money, thereby inflating all asset classes. They really don't want to address the core issues related to over supply of paper money. Instead only thing they encourage is excessive consumerism and continued supply of cheap credit to spur growth. Then who bear the brunt of sharp stock market falls, well that we all know. Oil Producing Nations Or OPEC too isn't coperating with tighter oil suppies and continued global GDP growth of over 4% isn't dampening demand for this energy commodity. It will be very interesting too see how smart players in stock markets respond to this very important development.