Thursday, February 21, 2008

U.S. Fed Minutes

Yesterday Dow Jones opened weak on the back of very weak global equities, but after U.S. Fed Minutes which said that Fed is ready to cut more rates going forward in order to give boost sagging U.S. economy. But he also retariated that rate cutting spree will soon be reversed after economy finds it's feet on the firm ground. He is also concerned about rising inflation and losses write downs by big financial institutions. Commodities continued their upward march with Gold, Silver recording new heighs. Copper, Lead, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coking Coal, Steel also are trading very firm. Crude oil too has hit an all time high of U.S.$101 Per Barrel. All this doesn't pose well for the health of equity markets as they continously live in overall inflationary scenario. Today's trading session in Asian stock markets saw good gains in Japanese, Hong Kong stocks. Barring chinese stocks, all other Asian stock markets ended with positive gains. And as I speak, European stocks too are tradig in the green region. Markets will be keenly looking for any positive cues that they can latch on to as they desperately in need of some.