Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time To Think

Financial markets across the globe are taking a breather after evaluating possible fallouts from US subprime mess, falling dollar, high energy prices, falling prices of commodities like copper, alumunium, zinc, lead, gold, silver. Tensions in the persian gulf and threat to refineries across major oil producing nations is also making markets cautious. As markets witness on day to day basis conflicting news on world economic growth, especially US growth, they are experiencing volatile trade. Yen also got strength against the US dollar, which will hurt it's export economy and will further keep interest rates at 0.5% level. There is no let up in the chinese economy as it continues to grow at a brisk pace with it's industrial output rising at 18%! So it will continue to pull demand for energy and hence will make chinese authorities to make hard decisions like raising reserve requirements sharply. As markets are uncertain times, it's important to tread cautiously.