Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crude Oil At US$100/Barrel Is Reality Now

Relentless rally in crude oil is now haunting financial markets, now it's at US$100/Barrel and is all because of winters setting in along with no let up in demand from world's biggest oil consumer i.e., US, also supporting it's sharp rise is trouble in middle-east stand of between Iran and US, also demand from fast growing economies of China and India is very strong, also aiding the rise is huge speculative interest among long bulls in crude oil. However other industrial commodities like copper, zinc, lead, nickel are following weak trend and they are very close to their 52 week lows.
Dollar is also weakning across major currencies is also making things difficult for financial markets. This will continue for some time before things stabalise. Till then stocks will experience very volatile trading sessions. US subprime mess is not over yet and US fed will be under pressure to cut rates but will also forced to look at food and energy prices in order to control inflation. Uncertainity is the name of the game for some time to come.