Monday, September 17, 2007

Wheat, Maize And Crude Oil Prices

Price of commodities like Wheat, Maize And Crude Oil is rising continously for the past few months and they are creating new records. From inflation point of view, it's a cause of concern for monetary policy makers as they have to strike a balance between growth and inflation. Already financial markets are facing a fall out from slower growth expectation in the US, Japan, and Europe.
Asian countires like china are raising interest rates in order to contain a rapidly growing economy and India is also far away from softer monetary policy. Volatile times ahead for stock markets as they have to face lot of uncertainty ranging from elections next year in the US to slower world GDP growth to rising crude oil and food prices to rising fears over a possible attack on Iran and also tighter credit markets across developed nations and narrowing interest rate spread between developed countries and Asian tigers.
Happy Investing.