Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not all money is credit

Markets have been bearing the brunt of mahem in the U.S. sub-prime mortgage with several U.S., Europeon and U.K. funds going burst.
Investors and traders believe that all markets have risen because of cheap credit pouring in the markets, however this is paritally true as people do have their own money to invest in case oppurtunity arises, because if all was borrowed money then markets for the past few trading sessions would not have been found the support of new buyers!

Smart buyers have been utilising this sharp fall in equities as a buying oppurtunity and are putting their own money.

Excessive borrowed money can only inflate the valuations of given assets to artificial levels but any cracks in that credit cycle can turn that tide against the borrower as he has to return the money to original lender and he does that in panic as we have seen for the past few weeks. Therefore investng with own money is the only rational strategy one must adopt.