Monday, February 4, 2008

Volaility Continues In Stocks But With Postive Gains

Today's trading session in Asian equity markets saw volatile trade but in the end they managed to close in the positive territory. This is on expected lines as stocks still are under negative sentiment and it will take some time for recent deep wounds to get heal. European markets too are seeing choppy trade session. Current pull back by stock markets across the globe will take them some where near close to their all time heighs, but it won't be a one way street going ahead. Time to time some concerns will raise their head and markets will try to sort them out in their own way. Inflation globally is a threat and central banks apart from U.S. are recognising this and are taking steps to prevent it from rising too steeply. However, economies like India, China, Russia, Brasil, Taiwan etc., are very reluctant to compromise economic growth in order to contain inflation. Commoditie prices will be under pressure in the first half of this year as gloal GDP growth is expected to slow down a bit due to tepid pace of growth in the U.S. However, due to agressive rate cuts by U.S. fed will see firming up of commodity prices during second half of 2008. This will put pressure on industries, they alreay are struggling to cope with falling sales and profitability after recent U.S. credit crunch. Equities in high inflation scenario will continue to find investor preferrence, but will remain volatile.