Friday, February 1, 2008

Uncertain Emerging Equities

Over the past few trading sessions, U.S. Dow Jones has been behaving very volatile for obvious reasons, but the remarkable thing is that it's managing to end close with positive gains. This however, is not helping emerging equity markets, they are still trading with a weakinsh bias. It seems U.S. and European investors are dumping Asian equities and preferring to park their funds back in the U.S. markets. This is strange as it defy common sense that one can't put money in troubled waters's especially when it's the source of all the sins and mess for other's! Big financial institutions continue to report huge losses due to U.S. subprime mortgage mess and hence continue to sell profitable equity position in Asian equities to book losses elsewhere. Severely beaten down Asian equity markets continue to languish, this can't continue for long as economic fundamentals of these economies are still very strong and one can't turn a blind eye towards this fact by simply saying that U.S. stocks are safe thus i will sell my Asian equity portfolio! Some rational based buying will soon start in Asian equities.