Monday, February 25, 2008

Mild Profit Booking In Commodities, Smart Recovery In Stocks

Today's trading session in Asian equities saw smart pull back from day's low thus saving the day for die hard bulls who are desperately looking for some sort of relief after suffering tremendous pain for the past many weeks. Commodities after smart run-up are seeing mild profit booking with traders taking no chances this time around after burning their hands in equities. Copper, zinc, gold, silver, alumunium, nickel are seeing slightly lower levels and thus pose good for health of financial markets as there is very little left for any more shocks. Real estate markets in key Asian markets like India is seeing consolidation after giving super natural returns. Japanese stocks staged smart gains of around 3% in today's session. Only Asian equity markets that was down sharply is Chinese stocks which are still feeling threat of high valuations along with high inflation and possible slowdown in their GDP growth after completion of olympic games. Equities will continue to remain volatile for next few months as their are still concerns and nervousness among investors about economic growth, high inflation, high commodity prices, high interest rates, high real estate prices, huge losses from subprime mortgage exposure etc.