Saturday, February 23, 2008

Equities Out Of Woods? Not Yet!

Dow Jones stock exchange rebounded sharply from day's low in friday's trading session, thus saving the weekend blues for Asian and European stock markets that will take this cue when they open on Monday. Does that mean end of all woes for stocks, well i don't think so, but stocks do have discounted quite a lot of bad news coming out of credit markets in the U.S. and other news discussed earlier in the blog posts. Sentiment for stocks is still very bad and brittle, any rise in the markets see very sharp selling pressure as confidance has been battered so badly during january and fed month, it's very natural for market players to display this sort of nervous behaviour. However, there is too much of pessimism in global equity markets which is not amusing as equities typically behave very irrationally on both sides of ups and downs. For the past 4 years equities have given super returns to investors and rise was equally hyper optimistic, it had defied all gravitational rules and kept on going on despite various fears and concerns. This time when tide turned around, heightened pessimism has taken place for irrational optimism. That's how equities are!