Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stocks Look Very Expensive

Stocks across the emerging market space are looking extremely over bought at the moment, but this is not resulting into a short term correction and investor/trader confidance is at an all time high. This invariably invite sudden and sharp correction and will caught traders on the wrong foot sooner rather than later as extreme bullishness without caution is always a perfect recipy for a correction. However, money from gulf nations is constantly fuelling this stock bubble in emerging markets, especially in india, china, where people have become so bullish that they are selling their land/home to trade/invest in their stock markets! This relentless greed on extreme valuations is a cocktail for any disaster that might unfold due to any international event. Remaining cautious with prudent risk adjustments in one's trading position will be rewarding and shunning short term greed to gain that extra little money will prove handy in the immediate term. Another concern for market players in markets like India is that there is very little volatility and very people are not willing to sell even dud stocks which are going up every day without any fundamentals to back their astronomical rise. This is a serious concern and sooner the correction comes, the better will be for the overall health of the market.