Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gold And Crude Oil Are At An All Time High

Tension in Opec member countries like Nigeria has pushed up prices of crude oil to record highs of US$100/Barrel and this has caused prices of Gold to shoot to US$850/Ounce. Inflation is not only prevalent in commodities but also in stocks, property, food prices also are ruling at record levels. Thus inflation as a whole has been causing serious concern among central bankers but it seems financial markets have learned to live with this extremely high inflation in most asset classes due to the fact the world GDP is still growing strongly at 4.6% anually. Stocks across the volatile emerging ecomomy space are finding buyers at these highly inflated levels! Greed has completely replaced sanity in key emreging economies like India, China. However, with extremely large cash levels in the hands of Guld nations is finding it's way into these high risk high reward markets of India and China. Unless something major happens in the global scenario, this volatile bullishness will prevail in Indian and Chinese stock markets.