Monday, March 3, 2008

Stocks Fell Like There Is No Tomorrow And Commodities Rose

Taking cues from weak closing by Dow Jones on friday's trading session, all Asian stock markets except chinese stocks fell very sharply and showed no signs of recovery throughout the day. Chinese stocks are bucking this weak trend for the past few days as chinese economy is still growing very strongly and taking the charge from U.S. in taking global economy forward. Commodities staged another strong trading day with major gains in copper, zinc, alumunium, nickel, gold, silver, crude oil. This alarming rise in commodities has taken most market players by surprise as they haven't expected this phenomenal rise in commodities after seeing severe crash in stock markets globally. The pace with which these commodities are rising is making life of central banks as they have very little room left in making loose monetary policy decisions with fear of sharp rise in commodity price led inflation coupled with slower economic growth. Stocks will continue to remain volatile with weakish bias unless market gets definite cues about sobering inflation, soft commodity prices, no more bad news from U.S. credit market and subprime sector, soft interest rates.