Friday, February 8, 2008

Nobody Wants To Own Equity

Equity as a word has become most dreaded for most investors/traders as these people have suffered huge losses and still are reeling under frustation, stress and depression. Personal agony is also making things miserable as equities continue to bleed day after day. There is no stopping of bad news coming out of various quarters, continuation of deep losses out of exposure to U.S. subprime mortgage mess and dissapointing results by major corporates across globe is also making things miserable for equity investors. Industrial commodity like copper has made a sharp comeback and is making things inflationary for key industrial output. Gold, Silver too are trading firm due to extreme bearishness and turmoil in equity markets. Dollar too is trading very precariously close to 100 against the Yen. Next few months will be very testing for market men. Unabated huge volatility will remain central theme for equity investors and traders.