Friday, February 15, 2008

Dow Jones Ended Weak, But Asian Stocks Bounce Back

Dow Jones ended weak after U.S. fed speech to congress ,depicting bleak picture of economic outlook and possibility of further losses coming out from various institutions and hence further weakning of labor and Housing markets. Asian stock markets took weak from weak U.S. markets, but managed to end trading session with flat gains. Volatility continues to be there in the stocks, however, at lower levels they are getting investors to lend support to already severely beaten down stocks. Crude oil too is trading very firm above 94 dollar mark, with Gold and silver extending their gains. Copper and lead too are trading with positive gains. Uncertainity over the extent to which U.S. will fall in recession is behind the nervousness and volatility in the stock markets. Today, Japanese central bank kept rates unchanged at 0.5%, making Yen more attractive for investors to borrow and deploy in high yield assets.
U.S. fed stated clearly that he is ready to cut rates further if economy doesn't show signs of recovery, this has lead to marekt players coming to conclusion that situation is still bad at the ground level. It will be not easy for equity markets globally to reach their old heighs this year as things are lot more comlex and difficult this time around leading the pack is tighter liquidity conditions in rich nations.