Monday, February 11, 2008

Copper, Lead, Zinc Trading Strong

Industrial commodities like Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, and precious metal Gold all are trading firm despite weak equity market and prediction of slower global economic growth. Equities continue to bleed despite enough negatives already priced in present stock valuations, continued heightened pessimism among equity investors is also cause of concern. Crude oil also is trading close to U.S.$90 per barrel mark and thus raise fear of inflationary pressures in the system. Credit squeeze has resulted in almost no leveraged merger & acquisitions and this is very good for long term health of companies but in the short term stock players do consider this as another negative. Extreme volatility along with extreme pessimism is amusing given that global economic outlook still is very healthy and this sort of negative sentiment is unwarranted. Rationality seems to be lost in this current mahem in equity markets. Huge wealth has been destroyed in the past month and continue to erode in value in this month as well. Only silver lining can be no further bad news from U.S. credit markets and no further losses write-offs from leading financial institutions along with no major down grades by rating agencies.