Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Collateral Damage

Yesterday Dow Jones fell very sharply due to same old reasons that are still haunting the equity markets worldwide. The resultant outcome is collateral damage to Asian equity markets where markets likes of HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, India etc are down anywhere between 3 to 6%. This sharp selloff is enough to cause more fear and nervousness among investors, traders already suffering huge losses and mental trauma. Fiancial institutions in U.S. as well in Europe are selling aggressively in these Asian equity markets in order to compensate losses they have incurred in U.S. credit market instruments related to subprime mortgage. These institutions are very strong and any selling pressure from them will not be easy to counter-balance. However, with all the gloom and doom, one thing has emerged and that is " Value " in certain sectors in the equity markets where growth is still possible over a 5 to 10 year horizon. Bottom fishing will happen sooner rather than later. However, volatility will be the name of the game, only brave hearted investors and traders will survive this nasty carnage and make money.