Saturday, December 29, 2007

Political Assassination Induces Volatlity

This week pakistani leader Ms. Bhutto was assanissated and this caused crude oil to flair up again close to US$100. Stock markets too saw weak openings and fund managers along with other large investors were forced to think about possible fallout of this tradegy on global scenario. Financial markets have quickly negated this negative news and recovers on friday. This is due to huge wave of surplus money from oil rich nations and subprime hit nation like US along with European nations flowing into riskier assets like stocks. Risk appetite is at an all time high and is confirmed after this event, indicating that this greedy and quick return seeking money is in no mood to pass any money making oppurtunity and is seeing every dip in the markets as a making fresh commitments into the markets. Oil exporting nations continue to earn effortless money as oil continues to trade a record high prices and thus they are investing this huge amounts of money into riskier assets of emerging market stocks. Unless markets get clear view of US economic performance over next few months as to how it will cope with fallout from mortgage mess coupled with rising credit card defaults that can put brakes on consmer spending and consumption, markets will continue to tarde firm.