Sunday, August 5, 2007

Steady Rises and Sharp Falls

Stock markets over the past 2-3 years display strange phenomenon, i.e., stocks prices rise continously for a period of time and then comes a sharp fall which can last upto few days.
The sole gainers in this process are very rich investors/institutions because they create reasons for markets to correct more so as they have the power/resourses/influence to do so.
Then they again invest in stocks at lower levels to make profits again. After a while they again look/create for reasons for markets to correct and this process goes on.
All this happens all of sudden, they tend to be extremely bullish for a period of time and on the very next day they say world is gonna come to an end therefore sell stocks!
Dont fall pray to super rich's ploy to deter you from your market perspective. Stick to your goals and do your own research.